If you want to get Windows Phone 8 application that has your desired features and functionalities, you should hire one such developer, who not only develops application, but develop qualitative application that expands your business on worldwide level.


Windows Phone Studio

The Windows Phone app studio is a great solution that allows you to develop a basic Windows Phone 8 application with little fuss says Mark Newton. When it comes to ask any group of people, which is the best mobile phone, you will get lots of different answers. You can search about the blogs, review sites and pictures that can’t become clean. Most of the people agree on one thing that is the availability of lots of useful apps is vitally important to the success of any smartphone.

Recently, Microsoft Company has updated its Windows Phone App Studio Beta again and the new update adds feedback-related new features to the web-based Windows Phone 8 app creation tool. Among all these features, the major feature is support for something that is known as actions that allows your application to use other native apps on the phone.

Windows Phone App Studio Beta is a web-based application, which helps you quickly and allows you to develop content-rich and connected Windows Phone 8 applications. One can easily publish these applications as-is or bring them into Visual Studio and make them more sophisticated. This is one such tool that aimed at both seasoned as well as novice developers.

Manufacturers get around this by seeding the application marketplace for their phone, offering software houses encouragement to port their existing catalogue to a new phone, writing their own applications and more. As per the Microsoft, App Studio Beta has been a bit hit: Since its launch in August, the web app has seen 160,000 users create over 150,000 projects and build 65,000 apps. It was last updated in late September with SkyDrive integration and other requested features.

If you also want to develop Windows Phone 8 based application, you just need to hire Windows Phone 8 developer, who has hands-on experience in developing Windows Phone app development industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to develop a business, education, social networking, travel and any multimedia app, professional developer understands your requirements and offer end-to-end solutions.

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