AdDuplex, a biggest advertising platform for Windows apps, declared that as per its tracked data, Windows Phone Update 3 is now installed on approximately 15% of Windows Phone 8 devices.

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One of the leading advertising platforms for Windows applications ‘AdDuplex’ declared that Windows Phone’s latest update 3 is now installed on approximately 15% of Windows Phone 8 handsets. It comes to know when AdDuplex, biggest advertising platform Windows apps, has tracked data.

Microsoft’s latest Update 3 that is also known as GDR3 has been wrapped off in October, featuring to the media what it would be comprise and offering notes on its delivery schedule. Windows Phone developers could get ability to have their hands on the code, but average users may get the updates between the fall and the early parts of 2014.

When accurately your handset gets the bump, it will be determined by the testing, carrier thoughts and the like. With the HTC 8X, the roll-out of the software has been started in the start of November 2013. However, the software has started in solemn with Nokia’s roll-out of the Lumia Black update in the month of January.

No matter whether 15% is considering a big or small number, it is up to the judgement of each reader, but various people have supposed a lot of the vocal complaining about wait times that were prevented by Microsoft’s developer preview program that is very strong reason for many to keep going into the future.

If the company is looking to get quick move towards its new code to extant Windows Phone consumers, it will surely need a new strategy or methodology. If Microsoft is satisfied with division that would see its user base stratified around different versions, hindering developers and not maximizing the strength of its own user experience.

However, if the company has decided to quickly move its new code to presenting Windows Phone consumers, it will not need a new strategy. Unless, like with Android, Microsoft is pleased with disintegration, which can see its user base satisfied on different versions.

Moreover, it is fact that Windows Phone 8.1 is on the way as it can studded its legs in the month of April. Some users may end-up moving to 8.1 if carriers don’t get out of the way. To get more information on Windows Phone 8 and its related solution, you can click here.

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