Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 update brings many new features for users, but the attention grabber Word Flow keyboard is the great feature that simplifies your texting experience.

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Microsoft revealed Windows Phone 8.1 among its users last week. The all new update comes with lots of amazing features, but one of the most interesting features was Word Flow keyboard that caught the attention of lots of people worldwide.

A new Word Flow keyboard brings shape writing to the mix along with the touch typing for text input. We all know that Windows Phone developed by Microsoft Research and the technology behind Word Flow is extremely best to Redmond, being proprietary technology and building off of the already wonderful auto-complete feature.

The company has posted a new video to YouTube that shows Word Flow, a keyboard that is all set to rival Swype on Android. If it is dangerous and interruptive, typing on a touch-screen device without having to look at the screen would be extremely useful.

The researchers of Microsoft have developed a new novel UX and strong decoder in order to shape write in groups of characters. Microsoft’s research team has broken the Guinness World record for touch-screen and blind texting to show the possibility of this approach. It has worked very hard with the Windows Phone team to include the WordFlow feature in Windows Phone 8.1.

It is expected that the Word Flow keyboard will be obtainable as part of Windows Phone 8.1 that is schedule to be launch as a Developer Preview on 14th April, 2014 through the Developer Preview program. A recent posted video by Microsoft Research shows that Word Flow can surely hold its own as it was used to set the world record for fastest keyboard by a 15-year old named ‘Gaurav Sharma’.

The successful entry typed exactly 160 characters and it proved to be quite the thumb twister. “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.

However, the total time he took was just 18.44 seconds while the old record was 20.53 milliseconds. We all know that both recorded numbers are quite impressive because typing those two sentences are quite tough. So, ensure that you watch the below mentioned video to check it out:

The senior researcher at Microsoft ‘Tim Paek’ explains the advantages of Word Flow “Instead of tapping every single letter, you’re drawing a line that connects all the letters of the word you’re trying to write. When you continuously draw that line, you are defining a shape. Eventually, you stop thinking about the letters altogether and develop muscle memory for that shape.”

Word Flow is the real deal as it needs little to no learning and there is no need to be enables as you can exclusively switch between touch typing and Word Flow as per the whims. It is the winning combination and it lessens the demand for third-party alternatives.

But now it is confirmed that Word Flow will surely launch on Windows Phone 8.1 in approximately 16 languages including English (US), English (UK), English (India), Hindi (Latin), Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, and Dutch.

So, Windows Phone users get ready to use this all new Word Flow that takes your texting experience to the next level. For more information on Windows Phone development and its related technologies, you can click here.

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