Two biggest companies ‘SunPartner and ‘3M’ finally bring a wonderful solution wireless charging that help all the users in their battery-drain problem.

This wireless charging called Wysips can be used with any kind of mobile device.



Till Date, you can find lots of smart-phone makers, who have tried their hands on developing wireless charging, but unfortunately, they are failed to provide it to users. In our day-to-day life, we need wireless charger so that we can charge our phone, watches or any other device wirelessly anytime and anywhere.

Finally, SunPartner Technologies as well as 3M bring an excellent solution for this problem that we are facing regularly. Both these companies together confirmed a new technology that helps users in their battery-drain problems. However, these companies also come-up with a new and dynamic way of transferring data.

When it comes to talk about the Wysips technology, it is completely marvelous screen that layers a thin, transparent photovoltaic screen on the top of phone’s display.

This screen designed very amazingly as it detains solar energy or any energy from nearby light source, so there is no need to hunt to any outlet whenever you face low-battery problem.

You can see this excellent screen from the outside of the phone, and the best part of it is that it starts charging the battery any-time when any natural or artificial light shines on the phone’s screen.

Mattieu de Broca, a Business Development & Strategic Alliances at SunPartner, said “Every time you get light, it will charge the phone a little bit”. He added “Over the course of a day you add a significant contribution – we are talking like 15 percent in a typical phone.”

Along with the smart-phone battery power extended as slim as possible, additional 15% can really works. We can say this type of technology can save anyone with power connect with no charger. The small and tiny solar cells have been improved, and now the amount of power generated automatically increased.

Through this modern technology, it is possible to charge E-Ink devices such as Kindle, Nook or any small watch without the need of charger. This screen can work with different kinds of technologies like bistable, OLED, MEMMS, LCD, optical screens and more.

How Wysips looks?
When it comes to talk about the looks of this screen, SunPartner makes the screen layer and 3M develops the epoxy resin that required to put it in screens. It helps in reaching manufacturers and gets some press from publications like DT.

However, the Whsips’s solar film is truly transparent, but it looks transparent to users by applying lenticular printing, an optical technology that exposes various images depending on the observer’s position. It is also used very frequently to generate some 3D effects and animations. Many representatives said that it will not affect the viewing angles, but the Huawei phone in question was no flagship device.

Many of you all thing that Huawei will be the first manufacturer, who will use this tech, but 3M and SunPartner team still not confirm this news. However both companies said that at least one popular manufacturer is involved. It is expected that the first device that uses this technology will come in 2015.

Wysips layer is also capable of Li-Fi:
Well, solar charging is completely best and newest thing in the market. But the Wysips layer is also capable of Li-Fi data transmission that announced by the company at CES. The capability of Li-Fi data transmission allows sending and receiving data through light waves. Yes, you read it correct, you can send and receive data through light waves. In other words, it is called Visible Light Communication or VLC.

Whenever you put your phone under any special light, some invisible flickers in that light can send messages in your phone. As compare to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which use radio waves, Li-Fi is more secure and faster that works amazingly. Li-Fi is excellent because it can reach up to 2.5 gigabits per color, so receiving and sending data through it becomes much easier. Li-Fi is using light to transmit at high speeds and spreads out the Fiber Optic data, which is much like Wi-Fi that offers wired connections to become wireless.

AT CES, de Broca also showed that how after putting your phone under a light can automatically open a webpage, video or application. So, what are you thinking? This is completely super exciting because kindles and watches will become completely charger free and phones will get an extra 15 percent of battery life.

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